3D Printing

To help with the increasing demand for urgent prototyping for complex parts, Future Design invested in Polyjet 3D Printers. These printers offer fine detail along with final product realism surpassing all other 3D printing technologies. With a tray size of 300 x 200 x 150mm and an accuracy of 0.016mm layer thickness makes printing usable prototypes a fast alternative to conventional machining.

Precision 3D Printing Solutions


The range of materials we can offer are:

Veroclear – Nearly colourless material featuring great dimensional stability for fine detail model building and simulation of transparent thermoplastic.
High Temperature – For advance functional testing, hot air and water flow and static applications.
Simulated Polypropylene – Offers toughness and durability to create smooth prototypes with moving parts and flexible snap fit closures.
Rigid Opaque (various colours) – Provides excellent detail visualisation in a smooth attractive prototype to test the fit, form and function of static parts, moving components or complex assemblies.